One on One Support

Meet Kelley

My journey to here began years ago when, as a teenager, I had a crisis of faith and I began questioning the very foundation and principals on which I was raised.  As an adolencent that can be a difficult path to travel.  My family was as supportive as they could be but my path to self-discovery laid completely in my own hands.  As I grew into adulthood I faced other challeges battleing anxiety and having bouts of anger that effected my relationships and made me dislike myself at times.

Wanting change and to live a happier, healthier life I threw myself into my spiritual practices.  That was the beginning of my wellness, but it wasn't until I met someone that would become my own coach and mentor that I truely found myself.  She was someone who challenged me, questioned me, and held a mirror up for me to see me.

Anger and anxiety are emotions that are now behind me.  My overall wellness is supported by a solid spiritual foundation and a healthy relationship with myself on all levels.  InterPaths Wellness is my opportunity to share the tools that helped shape my life and other tools that can be of great value.  I fully believe that taking a holistic approach to your overall wellness will have lasting effects on your relationships, your health, and your life.

Face to Face

A great tool for growth is conversation.  Face to face coaching allows you to challenge yourself, question yourself, and define yourself with a cheerleader, mentor, and friend at your side.

Sessions $25/hour (in person or over the phone).

Email Support

Meeting in person isn't always the best option.  For those who wish to communicated by email only this is that opportunity.  Questions, conversation, just bouncing around ideas; we can cover it all through email communication.  Responsed are promised within 48 hours.

$20/month or pay for a year $200.