Finding Your Inner Calm

We can't avoid being busy at times, and it is during busy periods that stress can build up. Manifesting itself in many ways, stress can impact our happiness, relationships, sleep patterns, even health among other things. This course is designed to provide you with healthy tools and habits to counter the effects of stress and allow you to maintain your overall wellness during trying times.

Fee $25/student

Weekly Wellness Newsletter

Self discovery and change takes time and we each do it at our own pace.  This weekly newsletter is designed to take you on a journey of knowing yourself, loving yourself, and manifesting your dreams into reality.

Fee $150/year

Host A Class

See a class you want to share with friends but don't want to wait for one to be scheduled?  Host a class.  Like a home party you pick the date, invite your friends, share your home as the venue and I will teach the class.  As the host you have no personal class fee.  For hosted parties with a drive of 30 miles or more I do add $5 to the class fee for your guests.  A minimum of 5 participants is preferred.

Fee $0/Host

See specific class for fee/student